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Noway Bodybalance HCP Protein

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    “I’m yet to try Choc caramel, but Strawbs and the vanilla caramel are 10 outta 10, 100% deeelicious  ” –Rebecca Lindenberg 

    NOWAY® BODYBALANCE has excellent bioavailability and bio-efficacy

    NOWAY® BODYBALANCE® is a specific unique combination of bioactive dietary peptides from hydrolyzed bovine collagen. What this means to you is that you will be taking a highly biologically available protein, which has been already broken down into a highly absorbable form.

    What is a peptide?

    Peptides are compounds consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain.

    The protein chain is made up of amino acids but does more than just the sum of its parts. Peptides can have a function; they can activate or induce an action.*

    It is important to understand that peptides have an effect in addition to the amino acid profile.

    Many people will assess protein quality or protein score by the amino acid profile and disregard the other beneficial effects from the peptides.

    For example:

    Insulin and human growth hormone are peptides and have a much larger effect than the amino acids they contain. They are major chemicals that regulate our growth and metabolism and so many functions in our body.

    Then consider that gluten and casein are also peptides contained in wheat and dairy respectively and they can have a major negative or positive impact in some cases and neutral effects in others, but either way, their effects cannot be predicted by their amino acid profile.

    Therefore, it is important to understand that every collagen product is different depending on the contained peptides (if any at all). Specific bioactive collagen peptides need to be studied to understand what effect each different version will have. Not all collagen is alike and specific hydrolyzed collagen peptides be assessed by their amino acid profile alone.

    So what is BODYBALANCE hydrolyzed collagen peptides?

    BODYBALANCE is a form of hydrolyzed protein made from collagen. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids. Hydrolyzing protein basically means breaking down these chains. If you hydrolyze completely you get the individual amino acids. If you stop the hydrolyzing process before it has completely degraded the protein; you will find peptides (smaller chains of amino acids still joined together).

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